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Artificial Intelligence Like other industries, the entertainment industry has been transformed by artificial intelligence. Nowadays, with artificial intelligence, you can even change your voice. If you want your voice in a friendly conversation to be like your favorite cartoon character, or to surprise your followers while turning into a robot, a famous celebrity, or a politician in your online games, try the voice changer software to amaze everyone! The software is free and is available through various platforms. However, if you decide to try other non-free artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence voice changers like voice.Ai are the evolution of online voice changers. More powerful than simple voice filters, they allow you to completely change your voice to anything you want. Unlike traditional changers or voice modulators, they don’t struggle with things like feminine voice conversion or gender voices, but they give you complete freedom to create your voice.

Whether you want a funny voice to joke with your friends or create a new voice to better showcase your online identity, an artificial intelligence voice changer provides the possibility of having your desired voice. Setting it up is easy and allows you to elevate your content production, live streaming, or your game to a new level.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers

Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers refer to software like Voice AI that, using advanced deep learning algorithms, can change a person’s voice in any desired way. This type of AI can automatically and instantly change a person’s voice and simulate different voices.

For example, an artificial intelligence voice changer can change a man’s voice to a woman’s voice or by applying changes to this voice, turn it into the voice of a famous person or an animal.

This type of AI is used for various applications. For example, in the entertainment industry, this technology is used to produce television programs, films, and video games. Also, in the advertising sector, this technology is used to produce audio advertisements and video advertisements.

What are the features of

Text-to-speech (TTS) functionality: This feature converts written text into spoken words, which is especially useful for creating voiceovers or assisting those with visual impairments.

Speech-to-text services: This feature translates spoken language into written text, helpful for transcription services, closed captioning, or aiding the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Voice cloning or voice changing: This function allows users to input their voice data and create a digital voice that’s similar to their own, or entirely different, useful for content creation or anonymity.

Voice recognition or analysis: This can be useful for applications in security, such as voice biometrics, or in emotion analysis for market research.

API access: Many such websites offer APIs to integrate their AI voice functionalities into other applications.

Multilingual support: Support for multiple languages can be an important feature for global accessibility and use.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers, due to their ability to change a person’s voice in a desired way, can be used in many industries. In addition to the mentioned applications, Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers can be used for other purposes, including:

  1. Research and Education Fields
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In some research and education, there may be a need to produce specific sounds. Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers can be used to produce these sounds.

  1. Security

Voice AI can be used to enhance security in certain cases, such as in individual voice identification systems.

  1. Creativity in Creative Industries

In industries that require creativity such as sound design, music composition, and filmmaking, Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers can be used to produce creative and interesting sounds.

  1. Music Production

Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers can be used for music production and changes in it.

  1. Video Games

In video games, Voice AI can be used to produce different character voices and generate audio attractions.

  1. Production of Advertising Voices

Artificial Intelligence Voice Changers can be used to produce advertising and showcase voices.

How to Set Up is a voice changer that is free for any personal computer application, including games and communication software. Getting started with is simple and you can use the features of this program with just a few simple steps:

  1. Download the voice AI installer.
  2. Set up the installer, give the necessary permissions for driver installation.
  3. Open VoiceAI.exe.
  4. Register with a free account or log in with your Voice Universe account.
  5. Now you can use Voice AI.

How to Change Voice through

To use, first download and install the app from its official website. Then create an account for yourself. At this stage, the program asks you to allow Voice Training on your system in exchange for receiving 5000 credits to use your system resources to train the algorithms of Therefore, by giving permission to it, you will see an increase in the use of your system resources.

Next, you can use the credits earned to purchase different voice styles. Make your selection and then select Continue. You are also asked if you want to pay $15 a month for the Pro subscription, here too make your choice and then click on Continue. Finally, after watching the tutorial video, select Get Started.

Use the button at the top of the page to select Record Mode or Live Mode, depending on whether you want to convert your voice for live streaming, or you want to record some messages for later. From the drop-down menu, select the microphone with which you want to record your voice.

How to Change Voice through

If you’re in Record Mode, select the microphone icon to start recording. When the job is done, select Stop (note that there is a 15-second limit for free accounts). Then choose your preferred voice.

If you’re in Live Mode, use the relevant keys to choose whether or not you want to hear your voice. Then choose your preferred voice and get started.

How to use Reviews

Recorded voices are shown in the bottom part of the window and you can play them, save the voices or delete them using the relevant buttons.

Celebrity Voice Generator Online Free

Keys to remove watermarks or change the output voice quality are only usable with an active subscription.

How to Get More Voices in

The main strength of is the number of voices you can choose from. There are a few default options available with a free account. With more credits, you can train as many voices as you want and even create your own voice.

To create more voices, open and select Record Mode or Live Mode. For a different voice, select the central dial. By default, you have access to Popstar and Politician voices, but you can select hundreds of voice options.

How to Get More Voices in

Choose the voice you want to use. If you haven’t already trained your voice software to use it, you’ll have to train it by clicking the relevant button, which requires several thousand credits.

How to Get More Voices in

Finally, wait for the training to complete. To use the AI voice, select the green Use button. More training improves the quality of the AI voice but requires more credits. You can now use that voice for recording and live voice changes.

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How to Use in Discord

To use in Discord (or almost any other VOIP tool), you just need to set your default microphone in that application to the Audio Cable option. Here’s how to do it in Discord:

Open the app and make all the changes you want to your Live Mode voice according to the instructions above. Then open the Discord app. Select Settings from the bottom left corner and scroll down to select Voice and Video.

How to Use in Discord

From the drop-down menu under Input device, select Microphone Array ( Audio Cable). Now, when you speak with Live Mode turned on in, your voice should automatically change in Discord.

How to Use in Discord

Working with Artificial Intelligence Voice Changer

We’ve shown you the basics above, but if you need more comprehensive explanations, continue reading this section. To start changing your voice with’s artificial intelligence, you first need to visit the website and install the software. Upon entering, you’ll see download options for this software. Click on the download button and after the download is complete, grant the necessary permissions for installation.

One essential point for using’s artificial intelligence voice is the need for a reputable DNS to avoid any issues with your download due to location restrictions. After installing the software, you need to create a free account. At the end of this process, you’ll receive 5000 coins.

Free Use of Artificial Intelligence

Using’s artificial intelligence voice changer is free, but not unlimited! To use the different sections of this program, you need to use the app’s specific coins. Initially, after registering an account, you’ll receive 5000 coins. Then you can earn coins in several ways:

There are various recommended packages that you can purchase a specified amount of coins for a fee.
You can earn a significant amount of coins for inviting your friends.
Coins are given for the amount of time you spend in the app.

Voice Change Settings with Artificial Intelligence

When you want to run the artificial intelligence voice change program, you need to apply a series of settings to get your desired output.

Choose how to change your voice: Decide whether you want to change your voice in real-time or replace a recorded voice.

Select your favorite personality: By default, more than 1000 voices from fictional or famous personalities have been collected. You can choose one of these characters and change your voice to theirs. You can see the average rating given by other users next to each voice. If you want to choose a voice other than the default voices, just play a recorded sample of the desired voice so that the AI voice changer can analyze it and change your voice accordingly.

Choose the speed of output generation: Set how fast you want the voice change to happen. Note that the higher the speed you choose, the quality of your output may be lower than usual. It is suggested to set the speed at 50, which is a reasonable speed for this program.

Choose your microphone: Decide how to deliver your voice to this software. This helps you select your highest quality microphone for the AI voice simulator and receive your desired output from this software with the least additional noise.

Platforms Supported by

Quality of sounds produced by Artificial Intelligence

There is a difference between the quality of the sounds produced by voice-changing artificial intelligence and the original sounds. This difference in sound quality is due to the nature of the operation of voice-changing AI and the existing limitations in the algorithms used to change the voices.

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Some voice-changing AI might, due to the inability to detect and pay attention to fine details of the original voice, cause changes in parts of the original voice and consequently change the sound quality. For example, in some cases, sounds produced by voice-changing AI may contain noises or suffer a decrease in quality.

However, with the advancement of AI technology, better algorithms for changing voices have been designed. For example, currently, more advanced algorithms for changing voices using Recurrent Neural Networks and Generative Adversarial Networks are available that provide improvements in the quality of sounds produced by AI.

In general, although the quality of sounds produced by voice-changing AI may sometimes be less than the quality of the original sounds, with the advancement of technology, this quality difference in Voice AI has significantly reduced.

Is using voice-changing AI legal?

Voice-changing AI, due to their ability to change an individual’s voice in any desired way, may be used improperly in some cases, such as imitating another person’s voice without permission or using it to mimic a person’s voice while committing a crime. For this reason, many countries have defined strict laws to limit the use of these types of AI.

What are the pros and cons of

Pros of

  1. Personalization: Voice AI can personalize the experience based on the user’s preferences, making the interaction more engaging and efficient.
  2. Accessibility: Voice AI can provide a hands-free, eyes-free mode of interaction, making technology more accessible to individuals with visual impairments or motor difficulties.
  3. Efficiency: Voice AI often allows for faster and more natural interaction than typing or clicking.
  4. Real-time Translation: Some voice AI systems can translate speech in real-time, breaking down language barriers.
  5. Voice Modification: Voice AI systems, like the one mentioned in your text, can modify a user’s voice, which can have applications in entertainment, privacy, and more.

Cons of

  1. Privacy Concerns: To function effectively, voice AI systems must process and often store voice data. This can raise privacy concerns, especially if the data is not properly secured.
  2. Accuracy: While voice recognition technology has made significant strides, it is not 100% accurate and can struggle with accents, speech impediments, background noise, and more.
  3. Misuse: As your text suggests, voice-changing AI can potentially be used for malicious purposes, such as identity fraud or to deceive others by mimicking someone else’s voice.
  4. Limitations in Emotional Understanding: Voice AI still struggles to understand human emotions, sarcasm, and humor, which could lead to misinterpretation of the user’s intent.
  5. Dependency: Over-reliance on Voice AI could lead to a reduction in human interaction, and in some cases, may even make people overly dependent on technology for simple tasks.

How much does cost?

Get Credits

  • 5,000 credits:$4.99
  • 25,000 credits: $19.99
  • 75,000 credits: $49.99
  • 200,000 credits: $99.99
How much does cost?

What are some alternatives to

  1. MagicVox Celebrity Voice Generator
  2. Voicemod
  3. Celebrity Voice Changer

What is the customer support like for

Support Channels: Determine how you can reach the customer support team. Common channels include email, phone, live chat, social media, and a ticketing system on the company’s website. The more channels available, the more likely you can get help when you need it.

Resources: See if the company offers self-help resources, such as a FAQ page, a knowledge base, or tutorial videos. These can help you troubleshoot minor problems on your own.

Conclusion: artificial intelligence is used to generate specific sounds in various fields such as cinema and television, video games, the music industry, and advertising. In the film and television industry, this technology can be used to generate special sounds such as supernatural voices and sound effects in movies and TV shows.

In video games, voice-changing AIs can be used to generate the voices of different characters. Also, in the music industry, this technology can be used to create special and interesting sounds in musical works. Finally, in individual voice recognition systems, voice-changing AIs can be used to increase security and provide more accurate individual identification.

Overall, voice-changing AIs are used in many different industries and fields. Due to their ability to generate different sounds and change a person’s voice as desired, they are of special importance.

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